Paradigm Shift 39

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi

By the time they reached his rooms, he was staggering. The pain made it hard for him to walk and Park had to hold him up by the shoulders once he started listing to one side.

He wanted to be embarrassed, but he couldn't manage it at the moment. His eyes were tearing up from the pain and more than anything he wanted to sink down into a cool bath, then spend the rest of the night with a cold pack across his lap.

"Do I need to call the medics?" Park asked, his warm breath puffing across Gregor's heated neck.

Gregor held back a groan, first at the new swell of arousal, then at the follow up ripping pain. He wondered if he was bleeding into his shorts and couldn't help a macabre laugh. "No medics necessary."

It took him a moment to figure out how to unlock and open the door, ignoring Park's attempts to help him. Then once it was open he immediately headed toward the bathroom, ignoring Park's security check. He could sense relief on the horizon, he just had to get into that gloriously overlarge tub.

"You can leave," he called over his shoulder. "I'll be fine."

There was no answer, but he had a feeling that Park was going to ignore him and linger. He didn't care at the moment, just kicked the bathroom door shut behind him and started stripping off his clothes.

He winced when he saw that yes, there was some blood. Not enough that he should immediately run to the medics, but enough that some hysterical portion of his brain started wailing that "None of this is right!"

He tried to peel off the undershorts, but they wanted to stick to his skin and he wasn't going to argue, not if it would only cause him more pain. Instead he started the water running in the tub and added a healthy drizzle of antibacterial wash. There were immediately some frothy bubbles and he couldn't resist sniffing the soothing scent of clean.

Carefully holding the sides of the tub, he lowered himself down into the water. It was cold enough that his entire body tried to prickle with gooseflesh, but the near instant relief was worth it. He sunk down until his shoulder blades were flat against the tub bottom and propped his feet up near the gushing spigot.

After a few minutes, Gregor slid his fingers past the waistband of his shorts and tested to see if they were still stuck to him, but once he got some water flowing between flesh and fabric, he was able to push them down his hips. He kicked them off, letting them sink to the bottom of the tub where they settled as a half-floating mass close against the side of his leg.

He closed his eyes and rested there, feeling the pain being pulled out of his groin. When the water brushed against the bottom of his chin, he used his foot to shut off the taps.

Still with his eyes closed, he used his fingers to examine his changing flesh. It felt somehow less real that way, giving him the distance he needed to deal with what was happening to him. What he was becoming.

Twenty-eight years of knowing that his body was his own, all destroyed by some biological imperative and a set of barbaric State laws. He wondered if he was losing his mind, then he had to admit that he didn't care.

This was happening and he would just have to deal with it. Never mind that his body was becoming something strange and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Even with suppressants, there was no reversing what had already been done.

He was biologically a Third. And lying there in the bathtub with his hand wrapped around his alien-feeling penis, he cried.