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Paradigm Shift 41

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi

He didn't like to think of the times when he'd been young and vulnerable. He'd grown up since then and learned his lessons well.

Which is why he could look at and appreciate the level of protection the Duadenora were offering. It was a better deal than he would get anywhere else, a chance for him to be risen up out of the ranks of the lesser class and taken directly to the top.

He leaned close to Park. "Well played."

Park didn't even pretend not to understand. "We play to win here."

Gregor smiled. "Better than playing to lose." They wanted to win him over, and he freely admitted to himself that he was somewhat charmed. They'd nearly burrowed their way past the layers of his distrust and he's always had an eye for the finer things.

*It wasn't them. It was Park. He's nearly won you and didn't even have to do anything.* He would have expected a wave of self-disgust to go through him, but some part of him had already accepted the truth of things. That was what put him most off-balance.

Park barely glanced at his watch. "It's time for us to go."

"Thank you for letting us desecrate the purity of your workspace, Ariana," Park said, giving Gregor his first glimpse at a new smile. One that showed his teeth but also displayed the dimples Gregor hadn't even known were there. "We might be back again in a few days."

She gave him a cheerfully sloppy salute. "We're here all day every day." She smiled at Gregor. "And don't be such a stranger. You're a good worker."

Gregor nodded and shook her hand. "Thanks for letting me see how everything works here. It was really interesting."

She winked at him. "We're always happy to have such a good looking man around. There's no doubt that you'll be a great addition to the Family supply of eye candy."

He liked that she never mentioned why they all wanted him in the Family. It made him feel less as though they wanted him for his ability to have babies and more for whatever other skills he possessed.

It was nice to be treated as more than a walking tool of procreation. She hadn't been overly affectionate to try and win him over and her eyes hadn't burned into him judgmental. She had treated him as just another member of her team.

"I had fun," he said once they were back in his rooms.

"I'm glad. Ariana is a great woman to know." Park poured two glasses of juice and made himself comfortable on the couch. "If she likes someone she can get anything."

Gregor smiled. "She liked me."


The idea of being liked shouldn't have had such power over him, but Gregor couldn't resist it. He'd spent so long hiding and trying to fit in, that being allowed to be himself appealed. And if people liked the real him, then he somehow felt as though he'd won.

*You've got it bad,* he thought. He was getting so wrapped up in Park that he was instinctively finding reasons why he should stay. As though one woman giving him a friendly smile meant that everything was going to be wonderful and he's found a place to belong.

He picked up his glass of juice and drained it in a quick series of swallows, so fast that he barely tasted the sweet flavor of real fruit.

If he was going to leave this place he was going to have to harden his heart. He couldn't let himself be sucked in by all of the flashy clothes, the abundance of good foods, or the smile of a supply officer.

And he especially couldn't look at Park and let himself be overwhelmed by lust. He barely knew the man, had only glimpsed the sides of him he was willing to show, and that was nothing to base a relationship on.

Gregor flopped into an armchair sideways, letting his legs dangle. "Tell me what it was like growing up here," he blurted.

Park looked surprised, then the corners of his lips curved up in a smile. "Are you curious about me?"

*Yes.* "No. I just want to know how your Family is with children." Gregor crossed his arms.
more more more please! you should self publish an ebook after this - I'd buy it!
Ah, thanks ^_^ I was thinking I'd leave this version of Paradigm Shift free for people to read, but self-publish a deluxe version with Park's POV in case people are curious what he's thinking. I thought that would be fun.

Oh, and sorry it took me so long to respond. I've been racing to edit Allies & Enemies (my superhero novel). It is not going well :/ though I'm nearly done \o/ It's a sequel so people have been asking about it, and since the first book is being reprinted by Less Than Three Press in August I'm going to get even more queries when that comes out. Ugh, stress :P

Anyways, remind me when Paradigm Shift is all done and I'll toss you a deluxe version :D And right now I'm doing the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17-27) at my blog and I'm giving out copies of "Slipping Through the Cracks" to everyone that comments.
Yay, more chapters!! I would love to read a book with Park's POV. Can't wait for more!
He kind of makes me think of Cho from The Mentalist. All stiff and expressionless with the occasional sarcastic comment, yet uses his actions to show that he cares. As a Prime he's got a lot of action scenes, and he's one of the Law Officers charged with discovering what caused the sterility plague. Which is going to involve Gregor with all kinds of trouble ^_-
I love that one episode where Cho is put over Lisben as the boss. He's just like, "This is what I do."

I've been writing action!Park scenes in-between all the Gregor segments. He's turning out pretty bad ass.

Facing an uprising wasn't something anyone looked forward to, which was why he had been sent in now rather than waiting for there to be a problem. He hadn't objected to being air-dropped behind enemy lines with a squad of Primes as backup. His only issue was having their LZ turn out to be some kind of swampy bog.

There was mud slopping inside their boots, but there was no time to stop and clean themselves up. Their mission was to hit hard and fast, and to let nothing get in their way.

Dylan moved at speed, hurdling a low wall with the trust that the minefield on the other side had been disabled by the scouts and Tech Division. If they hadn't done their jobs, he figured he wouldn't have time to worry about it anyway. There wouldn't be enough of him left to deliver to his Family.

The startled face of an enemy guard barely had a chance to flash across his field of vision before there was a burst of red and he was through the perimeter.

His gun was a comforting weight in his left hand and his guan dao was in his right. The kata forms flowed across his brain and out through his limbs so quickly that it was more instinct and training running his body than conscious thought. There was no time for hesitation when there was a mission.

He was an instrument of destruction, cutting a swath through those that attempted to stand against him. There were others behind him more able to deal with prisoners. He killed anyone that got in his way, either with a neat hole drilled through the eye or a slash of his pole arm that removed heads and limbs as though their body armor didn't even exist.

There was no talking between him and his team. They were all veterans, and even though they'd never been paired together they knew what they were about. Death.
There are updates coming. I'm even supposed to have some artwork, which I'm really excited about :)

I'll be getting back on my updates starting Monday.