Paradigm Shift 49 [mm sci-fi, mpreg]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

He hated feeling so out of sorts. His brain and his body were working on different frequencies and he was left to flounder around desperately.

"What's with that frown? It doesn't suit such a pretty face." Zero touched the back of Gregor's hand with his fingers.

Gregor fought to keep from jerking his hand away. "This pretty face looks good with any emotion on." He drew his hand away from Zero's caress to cross his arms and lean back in his chair casually.

It didn't escape his notice that his head ended up closer to Park. He was just glad not to have Zero in his personal space.

The dining room was filling up around them and Gregor hoped to eat and escape back to his room. he didn't feel capable of handling people in his current state.

But I wouldn't mind fucking some of them. He mentally grimaced at the thought, but he couldn't deny that it was true.

He missed the freedom of being able to visit his haunts and finding a willing sex partner. One that wouldn't be trying his best to get him pregnant. Just pleasure and none of this sense of pressure and impending doom.

He missed his life and it bothered him that he would never get it back again. He was destined for a brand new life, and never mind that the very thought of it made him nervous.

A server set a bowl of soup down in front of him. Gregor reflexively gave him a smile. "Thank you."

He'd worked service jobs before. He knew how much a little politeness meant. It was better than a grunt or a look right through him.

Gregor lifted his spoon and took a sip. Hearty and warm without being too heavy. Plenty of vegetables and a tasty broth. It made him sigh happily.

If the Duadenora thought they could buy him with food, he was starting to think they might be right. He had never eaten so well in his entire life.

"I see that you're enjoying the soup. That's good." Zero's breath was warm against Gregor's right ear and there was the heady scent of his cologne.

Gregor moved his face away and focused on his soup. He could feel his shoulders going tight and forced himself to relax. "The soup is delicious. Definitely give my compliments to the kitchen."

He fought to ignore Zero's company for the rest of the meal. Zero took the hint and finally stopped bothering him after a few minutes.

Gregor knew he was being rude, but he didn't care. Heat was pooling in his lower belly and he was uncomfortably hard in his pants. And though looking at Zero's face made him want to shove him across the room... The smell of him was pervasive, potent.

Images were filling Gregor's brain of sex and violence and mad passion. Sweat prickled his upper lip and he could feel his shirt sticking to his heated skin. He wanted to rip his clothes off, to writhe across the table in a wild display of wanton nudity.

He wanted to wrap his legs around pumping hips and dig his fingers into firm skin, mark his presence into another's body. He wanted to fuck and be fucked, to thrust into tight warm heat, and to be the heat drawing someone else in. He wanted the taste of sweat and arousal on his tongue. He wanted to claw at his own chest, to thrust against his palms and fuck himself on his fingers.

It was getting hard to draw in deep breaths and his skin felt burning hot and there was nothing he could do about it.

Zero leaned close, said something in that voice, and Gregor nearly whimpered. Without looking at Zero, with just that voice and that smell working across his brain, Gregor could feel himself coming apart.

And he forced himself to stay in his chair. Forced himself to eat and pretend that he was unaffected, even though everyone around could see the flush in his cheeks and smell the sweet allure of a Third in heat.

He promised himself all kinds of self-pleasure when he reached his room. When he was away from Zero and his contrary scent and appearance. Because even as Gregor breathed in Zero's smell and his brain purred "Good," seeing Zero's face made something in Gregor bristle and snarl.

Something was very not right. But Gregor was so Heat-addled he couldn't tell what was right anymore.

He just wanted.
"If the Duadenora thought they could buy him with food, he was starting to think they might be right. He had never eaten so well in his entire life." Lol, that made me laugh so hard. I love Gregor so much, he cracks me up. On the other hand, I wonder what's up with Gregor freaking over seeing Zero...can't wait to find out!
Haha. I think Gregor is an incredibly pragmatic guy. He's worried about food, shelter, comfort, and probably in that order :)