Paradigm Shift 53 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

A/N: This part contains sex.

He needed to be filled. He ached with the empty wanting. He felt like he was losing his mind.

"Zero is here. Please move away from the door. He'll be coming in." Gregor had to focus to understand the words, but once he did he climbed to his hands and knees to scuttle back from the door.

He hated his own pathetic eagerness, but he couldn't stop it either. The thought that Zero was going to come in and mate with him made his knees tremble as he climbed to his feet.

He realized how ridiculous he looked half wearing a shirt with no pants. He pulled his arm out of the sleeve, then peeled his shirt over his head. He dropped it on the floor behind him as the door opened just enough for Zero to squeeze through.

The young man's face was flushed and there was an excited glaze to his eyes as he breathed in the pheromone-laden air. A bulge visibly grew at the front of his pants and his tongue flicked out to moisten his lips. "Sorry I was gone. There was an emergency at one of the factories."

Gregor gave a needy moan and squeezed his eyes shut so he didn't have to look at Zero. "You're here now. So why don't you get over here?"

When Zero came for him, he was startled by the suddenness. There was the whispered rush of footsteps across the carpet, then he was being lifted off his feet and there was a mouth on his and he wrapped his legs around Zero's waist as he was carried to his bed and pressed back on the mound of pillows, the fully-clothed Zero humping against him.

As their tongues thrust and tangled against each other, Zero's hands wandered down Gregor's chest to wrap around his penis. Gregor moaned as he was jerked off and couldn't resist an embarrassing squeak as Zero popped his thumb inside with no warning. Gregor's eyes shot open and Zero's face was so close he could see the man's pupils contract.

It was light flaring across his brain. It was the sudden awareness that something was WRONG. An overwhelming burst of repugnance, a full-body shiver that started across the surface of his skin before taking him over completely.

There was no conscious thought as he slipped his hands onto Zero's chest and shoved with all his strength, his sole impulse to get the man off of him.

Zero grunted as he was shoved back. He gave such a surprised look that Gregor might have apologized in another situation. "What the hell?"

"No, this is wrong." Gregor turned his face away so he didn't have to look at Zero.

The sound of that voice, the allure of that scent, then the jarring repulsiveness of Zero's face. He was so confused, and he didn't know why, his body screaming for touch even as the idea of Zero coming close and touching him with those hands made him want to flee as far away as he could.

He didn't know what was happening, but there was something about Zero that was wrong.

"Get out," Gregor ordered, his voice wavering and breaking, pinching his throat tight.

"What? But you're in Heat. This is the perfect time to..."

"Get out!" Gregor shrieked. He grabbed a pillow and flung it even as his other hand quested toward the nightstand for a better weapon.

"You're crazy." Zero wasn't stupid. He raced out of the bedroom and the alarm clock hit the door frame rather than his head.

Gregor screamed and curled into a ball, hugging his legs tight against him. Pressed against his stomach, his penis throbbed and dribbled precome, the slit enlarged and open welcomingly, desperate to be filled. But Zero was wrong. There was something repugnant about him, a disconnect between Gregor's eyes and his skin.

But it had felt so good to have a body against him. He'd felt the heat of Zero's clothed erection and the excitement of knowing it was going to be inside him.

He covered his mouth with his hands, trying to muffle the keening cries that wanted to escape. The mating Call of a Third--it felt like bubbles moving up his throat and he hated the lack of self-control.

But wasn't that the point? The Madness was pulling him out of his skin, turning him into a rutting beast.

He wanted and he needed and a fever was taking him over.

He clawed at his chest and grabbed at his own erection. But he needed other hands, other parts. He needed a hard cock that would fill him to splitting as they joined together, thrusting and groaning, reaching that itchy place deep inside past the base of his penis. Instinct screamed that it would be the greatest of orgasms.

To have a cock reach that place inside, it seemed like the only thing he had ever wanted. He was suddenly desperate for it, precome dribbling as he writhed on the bed, keening and craving.

He Called for his mate, the air becoming heavy and rich with his want. He thought he could see the pheromones like brightly colored parachutes twirling around him and flowing out of the room on invisible currents.

He opened his mouth and the Call that escaped started from the base of his stomach and grew louder, fuller as it climbed up and out. It hurt his own ears, but it felt good too. Natural and right. The sound of it added to his own excitement, sent shudders down his spine.

He wanted. He needed. And if his mate didn't come, he would find him.