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Paradigm Shift 54 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

A/N: Sex is still happening. It's not that explicit, it's a little florid, but you know, sex is happening.

The hallways had been emptied, all the poor little Twos packed away from the lust-addled Third. It would have made him laugh if his every nerve wasn't cracking and popping. It made it hard for him to think with the desire crawling under his skin.

He'd wrapped a robe around himself in a last ditch attempt at modesty. He was vaguely aware of the obscene sight he presented at the moment, arousal pressing against the silk folds of the white material, leaking precome to create a damp spot that he couldn't resist brushing a finger against to taste.

He opened his mouth and Called, his voice ringing out desperately.

Behind the closed doors he could smell the bodies of Firsts and some Twos responding, producing their own answering pheromone trails. Though his interest was perked by a few complimentary scents--he spent a few moments pressed against one door, sniffing around the edges, humping against the plasti-wood--he kept moving on. None of the scents were as good as Zero's had been, yet the thought of sex with Zero made him snarl and sneer.

Colors were so bright. He was seeing beyond the spectrum of normal human eyes and it was like a pattern of rainbows painted everywhere. The air was filled with so many scents he felt as if they were telling him a story and all he needed to do was concentrate and he would understand everything.

Right after he found his mate.

He Called again, and there was an answering rush of responding scents. No one left their rooms, though he could smell the rising arousal, could smell that some people were giving in to his need and the smell of sex happening behind more and more doors added to his sense of urgency.

He needed. He wanted. He felt as if he was going to die if he wasn't filled soon. He would burn up from the inside and all that would be left would be an outline of ash.

The only thing that would save him was a hard cock inside his, filling him, reaching that place inside that itched and burned. He needed to be filled or he would die.

He didn't want to die.

Gregor Called, and somewhere he smelled the answer to his Call. His whole body shivered when he caught that heady scent and he was running, bare feet slapping against the floor.

He Called and Called until his throat ached, then he was in front of the door he'd searched for and he slapped his hand against the plasti-wood and crooned.

"Let me in. Please let me in. I burn so much. Let me in."

It didn't sound like his own voice. It was eerie and ringing and there were strange sibilants he'd never heard himself produce.

There was the sound of footsteps and he could feel the man standing on the other side. Gregor pressed against the door, undulating, rubbing himself against the surface until his scent made his own head spin.

The door jerked open and Park's pupils were blown wide. He was wearing a soft black tee shirt and black lounge pants. His hands were naked and bare, the skin pale from always being hidden away.

Gregor lunged forward and Park caught him. Gregor didn't care, he shoved his face in the crook of Park's neck and breathed in, his tongue darting out to taste.

He felt the pressure of Park's hands on his shoulders, guiding him toward the bedroom, but he was caught in the moment. He tasted Park's skin, rubbed against the man as much as he could, and somewhere he lost his robe and the world became a blur of sensation and want.

Park smelled delicious and Gregor wanted to see every bit of his smooth skin. He brushed his fingers against every scar and blemish, mouthed at a jagged slash of scar between Park's shoulder blades.

He humped against Park's hip. Ran his hands up muscular thighs to grip the globes of his ass. Couldn't resist darting in for a taste. Shuddered at the deep sound of Park's moan.

Then he was on his back and Park was over him and it was natural to reach out and line the tips of their cocks together. A contrast of swollen Third cock and large penile spined First cock. It was beautiful in that snapshot glimpse of one cock swallowing the other, squeezing and pulling until Park was all the way inside and Gregor could feel the prickle of Park's pubic hair.

He heard himself pleading and promising, begging in the most debasing ways, but it was distant, not really him. Because he was focused on the pure sensation of stretched skin around thrusting pressure, and he dug his fingers into Park's shoulders, urging him closer, harder, fuller.

And when Park reached that place inside, brushed against it lightly, then harder harder until it broke open in pain-pleasure-blinding ecstasy, Gregor came harder than he ever had before. A thunder rush of sensation that canceled out the pain of cracking open and he could nearly feel the egg releasing inside, washed with the rush of sperm as Park shuddered against him.

Gregor passed out.
The Calling only happened because Zero wasn't an acceptable mate and Gregor had to find someone else. Thirds and Firsts have genetic abnormalities to do with sight, sound, smell, and reproduction. I just like the thought that even though humans have lost the ability to scent pheromones, we still have rudimentary olfactory receptors.

We're one step away from being like something out of the X-Men :P
The Calling was pretty cool, and I love how Gregor practically sparked an orgy. And he ended up with Park! Yay!
I imagine a Third in the Madness could cause a riot if they were out and about in public. I'm glad he ended up with Park too, it was a near thing O_O;