Paradigm Shift 55 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O] (ch 14)

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

A/N: The morning after.


He woke to his face pressed against Park's chest. He felt slow and hung over, his body aching in that used hard put away wet post-energetic sex way. He only had vague memories of the Madness--days and days of pulling Park inside him, of rubbing against the man until he was aching and raw, of riding Park until the bed creaked and moaned threateningly--but it felt distant, long ago and far away from him and where he was now.

I'm in Park's bed. I fucked Park.

The sounds of his hysterical giggle made Park tighten his arms around him and Gregor forced himself silent and still. He could feel the steady beat of Park's heart.

"I'm awake," Park said.

Gregor didn't move. He didn't remember all that had happened, but he had the sense that he should be embarrassed. He hadn't been himself.

The feel of Park stroking a soothing hand through his hair forced him to acknowledge the fact that he was awake.

He propped his chin on Park's chest and gazed up at the man's face. "I don't think this was part of the plan."

Park laughed. "No, definitely not. Though my only real regret is that I'm not sorry at all. Unless you are, then I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do."

Gregor stared at him a moment, then snorted. "You're much more relaxed after sex."

"Most people are," Park said. He carded his fingers through Gregor's hair, massaging parts of Gregor's scalp here and there.

"That feels good." Gregor pressed up against Park's hand and nearly purred from the pleasure.

Part of him wanted to give into his first impulse and spout off all kinds of excuses and make an embarrassing mess of himself. Instead he decided to play things cool.

"So, I suppose we're going to have a lovely Binding ceremony." He closed his eyes and focused on the feel of Park's fingers against his head.

"Lovely, and perhaps a bit awkward as my family processes the change in plans." Park paused to run his fingers ghostlike down Gregor's cheek. "We'll have to wait for the pregnancy tests of course."

Gregor bit the inside of his lip. He'd known that Zero had gone through a rigorous round of fertility testing. There was no point wasting a rare Third on a man with a low sperm count.

"Do I have to worry that I will be forcibly rematched?" he asked. It was a terrible prospect of aversion drugs, scent breaking, and a terrifying Heat experience where he got to be serviced by someone wearing scent blockers and synthesized pheromones so he thought he was having sex with Park and not some stranger. It was definitely his personal nightmare scenario.

Park gripped Gregor's upper arms. "Look at me. I promise you that my last physical gave me a more than healthy fertility level. That isn't to say this time took, though."

"But male Thirds nearly always get pregnant during the Madness. It's what we're good for."

"There's no reason to be bitter," Park said. "It's true that male Thirds are remarkably receptive during the Madness. Except you were on suppressant drugs since before you ever had a Heat and that's affected your body chemistry. There's a chance that this first time won't have seen you pregnant because it's so soon after you've gone off the drugs."

Gregor refused to think that he could have been so lucky. "And what do you feel about me being pregnant?"

"Thankful," Park said. "Thankful for what you are doing for me, my Family, and all of humanity. And I think that having a child with you would make me very happy and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you." He sounded and looked so sincere that Gregor felt his lip tremble.
I absolutely love Romantic Park!!! Though I'm kind of worried about this forced rematching thing. Possible upcoming roadblock...?
Well, Judge Tersoe is going to be coming around again...

Park hides a lot of what's going on in his head. Even though he didn't plan on Gregor, he wasn't too happy about Gregor Bonding with Zero either, mostly because Zero was acting like an insensitive jerk. And now that he's realized he can have Gregor in his life, it's something he'll fight to keep.
No reason to be bitter? Wow. Wish I could ask Park how he'd like having his life and body forcibly modified by being refused the suppressants and his freedom taken away while being forced to serve as someone's breeding machine. Better yet force him to endure it at least in a dream.
It's a horrible situation. Personal choice versus the survival of the human race. Female Thirds have it worse as they can pass an egg to a female Two or First for fertilization even while pregnant, allowing them to have 13-14 babies a year. There are some people advocating that Thirds be locked up in creches and used as breeding machines regardless of their wants or mental well-being.

Hopefully Park doesn't remain so insensitive to Gregor's feelings.
Hmm. Well under these conditions, the human race should not survive.

I don't think that is the direction you are taking this BUT it would serve them right if he killed himself. They've taken away all that he is and left him with a life he hates. By continuing to live and bearing children, he rewards them for enslaving him. You have left no hope of ever reclaiming who he was or being anything more than a commodity in this society. By killing himself, he thwarts all their goals and takes back control of his being.

It is what I would do. I would fight back the only way left.
I thought about that. When I get pushed into a corner I don't respond well and I could never imagine being happy while forced to be a slave to the "good of humanity." Truth to tell, I would probably consider checking myself out of the equation as well, just to thumb my nose at everyone.

Gregor though, he's this scrappy guy that's faced a lot of hard stuff in his life. His mother was executed, his father wasn't emotionally supportive, and Gregor was basically left to raise himself. He's always looking for an angle to every situation and refuses to let himself give in to despair. Not as long as he can see a way for him to get ahead.

So even while the Duadenora are congratulating themselves on buying a Third, he's looking at them to see what he can get out of the relationship. In some ways, though he dreams of love, at this point in his character development I don't think that he could really, unselfishly love anyone. And that's good, because he doesn't let his judgment get clouded by emotion.

He's a survivor and he's not going to let anyone get in his way. Including Park.

So while his biology is messing with his head and he's going through all this body horror, he's still able to hold himself back from the situation. The State is forcing a quota of children from him and he's justifiably upset at the idea of being used as a breeder, but he knows that if he makes it through he could have his freedom at the end. Ten years of his life if he has a child a year, and then he can walk away with a lifetime of wealth from the Duadenora. The only thing he's scared of is not being able to leave those children behind. He's not sure how much his emotions will be tied up in them, and he's always hated the way his father didn't take care of him.

Another thing is that he's already Flared and the physical changes are permanent. No matter what happens, he's always going to be reminded that he's a Third. And with suppressants being illegal, the State could send him to prison if he tries to use them again. It's a case of the government acting like they own his body and deciding what he does with it.
As we said, they have taken away his identity, forcibly changed his body, and forced him to be nothing more than breeding stock. He can never go back. The physical and perhaps mental changes are irreversible.

Having a child once a year is usually considered harmful for a human (I don't recall that you designated that it is not in this case) and too frequent pregnancies can also lead to miscarriages so I am finding it unlikely that he will be able to produce 10 live offspring in 10 years. Given the state of this govt, I think that even if he does there is no guarantee that they will not force him to continue breeding until he is no longer capable of producing offspring. I am also doubtful that he will be allowed to walk away completely. That would be too clean for this "dirty" society.

Then, there is the issue that he could bear one or more Thirds for Society to enslave thereby further rewarding those who enslaved him. If you haven't guessed, I, too, hate being forced. In my mind, suicide is the only way I can see to take back control. I would die under my terms with some part of my personality intact. The fact that it thwarted their plans for me and denied them any offspring (especially the possibility of more Thirds to enslave) would be the icing on the cake.

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