Paradigm Shift 59 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

"They are looking to use Blessed Tierney's case to introduce new laws," Hizel said. "I have spoken to some Representatives and over the last two years the presence of the Restoration Movement has grown and they have tried to push several inhumane laws through the House. If they have their way, Thirds will become legal chattel.

"Judge Tersoe has never had any ties to the Restoration Movement until now. It's impossible to know what he's thinking, but he is helping them in their goals to subjugate the Third population."

"It's me," Gregor said, horror flooding through him. "He's doing this so he can get me. He's going to help enslave all of the Thirds on the planet just so he can get me." His laugh was hysterical and he couldn't help it. He felt like he was trapped in a nightmare and he was never going to be allowed to wake up.

"This is not your fault," Park said. "The Restoration Movement has been trying to pass these laws for years."

"Yet because of Rulf it could actually happen. Because he wants me," Gregor said. "He wants to own me."

"We are not going to let this happen," Park said. "We will fight and these laws won't be allowed to pass. We will protect you."

Gregor snorted. "He's a Sector Judge. He's as near to all powerful as one person can be. I'm surprised he doesn't send in the shock troops to come get me."

"He wouldn't dare move against the Duadenora so blatantly," Hizel said. "He has to keep his actions within the Laws. And that's how we're going to fight him."

"You're going to stop him with lawyers," Gregor said.

"It's the most effective way to not just protect you but help protect the other Thirds as well," Hizel said. "We need to cultivate the publics opinion and remind them that it's not a moral exercise, but real peoples' lives. They need to recognize that Thirds are their family and friends and they can't be allowed to forget it. Otherwise, in the course of saving humanity they'll destroy what makes us human."

Gregor lowered his head on the table, using his arms as a barricade to protect him from the world. He felt like crying, like screaming, like laying down and refusing to ever move again. He was tired, exhausted down deep, past the bone to the soul of him.

"Tell me what to do. Tell me what I need to do to protect myself and the other Thirds."

He needed options or he was going to start panicking. As long as he knew there were options, room to wriggle, he could keep moving forward.

"We need you to control your emotions. Any signs of temper will be seen as proof of your instability," Hizel said.

Gregor sat up and drank his water. Part of him wanted to gulp it as fast as he could to prove that he would not be tamed. He swallowed calmly, his throat working as he drained the glass. He set it down with a light "clack" agaisnt the polished wood of the table.

He laced his fingers together. "I'll keep my temper and I won't let them get to me. But you find a way to stop whatever these people are doing. I don't know what's wrong with the world today, that anyone could think treating people like things will ever be all right."

"You've got spirit. You're going to need it." Hizel looked at Park. "Stay with him as you can. They won't allow you in during any testing, but guard him." Those eyes pierced Gregor. "I don't trust that they won't get violent if their plans don't work the way they expect. You should be very careful."

Gregor licked his lips. "I promise you that anyone that attacks me won't have an easy time of it."


Hizel sounded so fierce that Gregor was reminded that the motto of the Duadenora Family was "Do no harm to our enemies. Vengeance will come from the Family."