Paradigm Shift 67 [mm, sci-fi, mpreg. A/B/O]

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: ParaShift
Genre: mm sci-fi, mpreg
Rating: mature

This part includes possibly disturbing biological components. Gregor wakes up and experiences a shift in his biology.


Gregor woke early one morning a few weeks after conception to swollen glans and an aching cock. It felt as though his penis had been wrapped in too tight plastic and was being squeezed, though he knew in actuality that what was happening was a large embryo was being expelled through the narrow tube of his urethra. The skin was stretching painfully.

"Shit," he whispered furiously. It was dark in the bedroom with the curtains drawn and he was glad to be alone.

Park wanted him to move into the larger suite with him, but Gregor had stubbornly insisted on being along. Everything was already changing too much for him to be comfortable with. He wasn't going to give up the last bit of his privacy too.

Now he was glad, as he didn't think he could have stood having someone witness this disturbing act of biology.

He kicked off his pajama pants and fumbled his sleep shirt over his head, jerking his ears in his haste. He ran his hands across his stomach and the skin felt rubbery and strange, thicker than normal skin and somewhat insensitive to his touch.

Trailing his fingers down, he found the ancillary opening to the pouch. A narrow slit that felt strange when he pressed the tips of two fingers inside, hot and wet, the flesh somehow squishy. He hurriedly drew his hand back, wiping his fingers on the sheet.

He'd seen the biology vids, but it was somehow different when it was happening to him. He was afraid, but instinct was driving him to secrecy. He needed to do this alone.

He groaned as the ache built in his cock and the bulbed head rubbed against his stomach. There was the discomfort of being squeezed, but at the same time, it was starting to feel good. Looked like his brain was releasing the good chemicals already, beta-endorphins and oxytocin.

He stroked his erection, a brush of fingers, and shivered at the sensation. And when he wrapped his hand around his cock and began to jerk off, some of the squeezed feeling shifted to pleasure and it felt nearly good. He snapped his hips up, thrusting into his hand, his own panting gasps loud in his ears, skin vid dirty and oh-so good.

"Yeah, come on. Ungh," the sound ground out of him, partly pleasure, a little shock, and the stretched feeling of pain releasing.

He could feel the embryo pass through his penis. It felt like a pea-sized knot that bulged down the length of his cock as he stroked himself off, finally catching inside the head of his penis. He squeezed the Flared head experimentally, but hissed at the sensitivity and jerked his hand away. That didn't feel good at all.

When he concentrated, through the pain and the odd fullness, he could feel the embryo. It was like a pinkie finger nudging just past the opening of his slit. Good and strange and he wanted to push it out, but he also wanted to experience it a little longer because it felt so weird.

He lay there, his eyes closed, and felt what was happening, this strangeness his body was doing. Then his hips began to roll on their own and his breath was coming in stuttery gasps, and it was like his brain shut off.

He experienced every moment, but it was far away. He wasn't in control of his body, he was just there as his body shuddered and his hands moved. Distant, that was the only word, he was distant from what his biology made happen.

He held the pouch slit open with his left hand while his right hand pressed the head of his penis inside. The Flare barely fit through the opening, but that was fine. He felt the pouch contract, sealing tight around the head of his cock.

He rolled his balls with his fingers, stimulated the shaft of his cock with rough strokes. Listened to his panting breaths as his hips jerked, his feet trying to find leverage against the bed.

And when he came ... lights behind his eyes, pleasure unimaginable as the stretched pain released, and he felt the embryo squeeze through the slit accompanied by a nourishing wash of spermless ejaculate.

He collapsed on his back, tasting tears when he licked his lips. It would be several minutes before the pouch released his cock. Then the pouch would seal itself up and he would have to deal with the reality that he was pregnant. A real live human being would be coming out of him in nine months.

Gregor turned on his side and curled around himself, wincing at the discomfort.

He refused to think about the birth, knowing it was going to be painful. The Transfer had been a shadow of the pain to come when the pouch unsealed and expelled pounds worth of baby.

"How did this become my life?" He rubbed his face against the pillow to clear away the tears, snot, and sweat. Then he huffed at the damp cloth and flipped the pillow over.

A wave of exhaustion went over him and he sighed heavily, feeling himself dragged down into sleep. He imagined he could feel new life writhing and growing within him.
Wow that was...interesting. So now it's 9 months and counting.