Paradigm Shift 05

"I know I shouldn't have been taking the suppressants, but I was scared to just stop using," he blurted. "I always heard that just stopping without having a doctor or someone to monitor you, it could be deadly. I was scared to go to Medical because it was too expensive. And I was scared they would have to report me."

Park cocked his head. "So you're rather high strung are you? Some could see that as a flaw."

Gregor shook his head. "Who cares what they think? I don't want to Bond with any of them anyway."

Park looked a bit intrigued. "Who do you want to Bond with?"

"I don't know." Gregor shrugged. "I haven't found anyone I'm interested in yet."

Park smiled, a tiny little thing, just a slight curve of the lips, but a smile nonetheless. "You are a man of discerning taste I see. A little foolish, but a person of character."

Gregor was a bit intrigued. "You confuse me," he said.

"I will take that as a good thing," Park said. "Now tell us how long you have been taking the suppressants and where did you acquire them?"

This was where things could get dicey. Gregor's father had been dead for nearly three years; any crimes committed after Desmond's death would have to be claimed as his own, there was no way around that. He just had to make sure that he came across as just a confused Third that hadn't known any better as he took a bunch of illegal drugs.

"My father told me I would be better off not acting like a Third. There are people out there that would want to take advantage of me. He said I would be better off if I passed as a Two until I find someone I want to be with." He twisted his fingers in his blanket. "After he died, I just... I kept taking the suppressants because I didn't know what I was supposed to do. What doctor was I supposed to go to? I don't want to go to prison."

"There's no reason for you to worry about that," the doctor said, reaching forward to take Gregor's hand in a comforting grip. "Though it was illegal for you to have the suppressants, you are a Third and there's no way you could be locked away. You're much too important."

Gregor had to fight the urge to give the doctor a flutter of his lashes--that would be a bit too much. "So I'm not going to go to prison?" he asked. Really he was wondering how much his fine was going to be and what he was going to have to do to pay for it. He wasn't very hopeful about that end of things, but a fine was better than hard time.

"No! Of course not," the doctor sounded shocked. "Could you imagine the result if a Third was sent to labor service? There would be protests and riots, it would be an ugly situation."

"Doctor, if you wouldn't mind," Park said, gesturing the man out of the way so he could face Gregor himself. "How have you been getting the drugs?"

This was where things got snakey. "My father knew someone and set up an auto pay option. I just never told them that my father had passed away." Gregor shrugged. "The money was taken out of the account my father set up and the suppressants were delivered every three months."

"And who have you been getting them from?" Park asked.

There was only so far Gregor was willing to go for someone he'd never met in real life. "I don't know," he said. "I just made sure there was enough money in the account and that the package was delivered."

"You weren't frightened by taking drugs from a stranger?" Park asked.