Paradigm Shift 20 (ch 6)


There was nothing else to do. He pretended that everything was all right. Attraction was natural and was just something that happened. It meant nothing.

He attended the etiquette lessons he'd been assigned, feeling like a child while he did the homework. The idea of being back in school was a vaguely horrifying one--he'd been terrible at school the first time, his body fairly vibrating with the need to escape--but he did his best now.

He was in alien territory and he needed to fit in, and the only way that would work is if he knew the rules. Which wasn't too say that he was enjoying himself, because he definitely was not.

The situation was much too stressful for him to be able to relax at all. The Duadenora were not the kind of people he wanted to make an enemy of, but he had a sense of inevitability. He was pushing buttons he couldn't even see.

Park was there all the time and Gregor wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. He'd been placed in a situation where the only thing he could do was screw everything up.

"Why do you look like you're in pain?" Park asked.

Gregor glanced at him and barely kept from chewing on his lip. There was no reason to be public with his agitation. "Probably the Heat," Gregor said. "I feel like I want to climb the walls."

Park looked sympathetic. "I thought the Medics gave you something for it?"

Gregor shrugged like it didn't mean a thing. "It just takes the edge off. I'm supposed to be going natural, which means I've got to face my biology on my own."

"Hm," Park didn't sound to pleased. "I feel as though the Medics should be doing more for you."

"The suppression drugs have affected my body. They've done all they can for me." Gregor had known the risks, he just hadn't cared. It was better to pass as a Two than worry about some far off someday when he *might* want to have kids in the future.
I can't wait to see what happens next. And to see how Zero takes the news once he finds out.